isis (sohopixie) wrote in picnicaddicts,

I've just joined. I'm so excited to find other picnic obsessed people. I love picnics, my wedding was a picnic, I don't think the is anything I wouldnt chose to celebrate with a picnic!
I'm currently living in Australia where most people arent quite so mad about picnics as me but I'm working to instill a picnicing culture anyway.
Unfortunatly I think I may have a gluten intolerance and so have to cut it out of my diet all together for a while. Which means no bread and I have to learn special new ways with pastry too as I cant eat flour. I think for now sandwich fillings will just become salads (I'll get some useful sized tupperware) and quiches frittata etc. I'd love any ideas though either for recipes or perhaps to make essiantial picnic fare glutenless???
Its suddenly summer here so I should have some picnic adventures to share very soon! I just have to understand how to use my camera first!
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