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Hi! My name is Anna and I just joined this community. I haven't had a picnic in a long time (since September), but I am very excited about Spring and Summer approaching. For my birthday I'm going to have a picnic in the cemetary, I think.
This community seems to be dead, but I thought I would post anyway. What do you think are good things to have at a picnic if you don't like sandwhiches?

Picnic drinks

I've recently got into home-brewing, so my mind has turned to what alcohol best suits a picnic. I find that, like food, alcohol tastes much better outside than inside. Unfortunately, half the time I'm picnicking, I'm driving, which means I have to search for nice non-alcoholic drinks. I do like a haze of alcohol over my picnic, though.

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So finally, I leave you with these words from Mrs Beeton:

Beverages: 3 dozen quart bottles of ale, packed in hampers; ginger-beer, soda-water, and lemonade, of each 2 dozen bottles; 6 bottles of sherry, 6 bottles of claret, champagne a discretion, and any other light wine that may be preferred, and 2 bottles of brandy. Water can usually be obtained so it is useless to take it.

Any thoughts, ideas, recipes?

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I've just joined. I'm so excited to find other picnic obsessed people. I love picnics, my wedding was a picnic, I don't think the is anything I wouldnt chose to celebrate with a picnic!
I'm currently living in Australia where most people arent quite so mad about picnics as me but I'm working to instill a picnicing culture anyway.
Unfortunatly I think I may have a gluten intolerance and so have to cut it out of my diet all together for a while. Which means no bread and I have to learn special new ways with pastry too as I cant eat flour. I think for now sandwich fillings will just become salads (I'll get some useful sized tupperware) and quiches frittata etc. I'd love any ideas though either for recipes or perhaps to make essiantial picnic fare glutenless???
Its suddenly summer here so I should have some picnic adventures to share very soon! I just have to understand how to use my camera first!

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Hello! I have just joined.
I love tea parties & picnics & am currently obsessed with a pink hamper i saw in Debenhams the other week!
I have abit of a challenge in that i am vegan so all cakes & things i make are free from dairy products etc.
picnic addict

Birthday Picnic

Despite the weather forecast trying desperately to put me off picnicking, I was undeterred. I moved the picnic to my house rather than the park, but we were out in the garden (thank goodness, because we wouldn't have fitted inside).

Date: 20th May 2006
Location: My garden :-)
Music: None. While we did have an iPod and speakers, we didn't have any batteries. :-(

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Rain stops play?

It looks like it'll rain on Saturday. Sigh. Big black cloud with raindrop isn't a good symbol. It may have to be an 'indoor picnic'. Which is still better than no picnic.

Well, it is only May, I suppose. More often than not it's pelting down on my birthday. And it seems to rain most of the time in Bath, anyway.

This is the problem; I plan things madly in advance and then the weather fails me. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, though.